Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bouldering ALONE??

There are climbers out there who have devoted their life to this art and some of the hardest moves on bouldering.

The best is that getting all the fun of the climbing moves without the scary bits and the hassle of rope-handling and protection. Make sure watch out for what is below you when you boulder!!

Bouldering can be practised both on real rock and indoor as most climbing gyms usually have a special boulder section.

There are even bouldering-only gyms out there, but these are still rare. In Singapore, there is one and called Climb Asia. I Love it!!

Even though bouldering can be practised alone, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of an experienced climbing partner. You'll not only pick up a better climbing technique, you'll also progress in a lot safer environment. In bouldering ankles and spines are top casualties. Without a good spotter to catch your fall you will get hurt some day. Be safe than sorry.

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