Tuesday, April 3, 2007

If you want to get stronger in climbing...

Being strong helps however with good techniques you can get much further up on the wall. Learning and adopting proper climbing technique is one of the most important aspects to climbing strong.

Good technique will allow you to use your muscles and skeleton efficiently while reducing injury. Techniques involve precise placements of hands and feet on handholds and weight shifting to achieve maximum stability and balance. Regulation of breathing takes up important role during your climb to slow down fatigue level.

Although techniques and strength goes hand in hand, good mind control will improve technique, strength and endurance tremendously. Good mind control involves warming up, relaxing, visualizing of route, staying calm and breathing.

Warming up allows your body to feel more confident and in control during the climb

During relaxing,
Thinking Nothing Other Climbing by closing your eyes, breathing deeply and visualize to climb confidently.

Visualizing the route will reduce any unnecessary moves which can be energy wasting. Knowing where your rest points and gear placements are can be useful to ensure every move executed is efficient.
Staying calm will keep troubles away. A pair of fresh arm just before the route will allow the mind to focus on the route and thus reducing the trouble surfacing.

Deep, continuous breathing is vital keep oxygenated blood flowing into your fatigue muscles and keeps the mind concentrated on the climb. Mind is a powerful tool that allows your body to travel up the walls that seem difficult.

With practice and effort, these techniques will be a second nature. Good Luck. Have fun!

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