Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Day In Singapore (My Country!)

Something to share happenings in Singapore..

Getting To Singapore:Singapore's impressive Changi airport (code - SIN) is located around 20km north east of the main central areas of the city. The easiest route into the centre by far is to take a quick, regular and efficient MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train to any of a number of city stations.Buses are still available into the city, though we feel the arrival of the MRT has made these redundant - at least for international visitors.

Passengers overburdened with luggage may wish to take a taxi - rides into the city are usually quick and not that expensive (particularly if sharing the cost with a friend). Estimated transfer time to downtown > about 45 minutes from clearance of immigration procedures

Many of the world’s top airlines have frequent flights to Singapore. Among them are British Airways, United Airlines, Air France, Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways and of course, Singapore International Airlines.

Getting Around In Singapore: The efficient and clean public transportation in Singapore makes getting around the Republic a breeze. Singapore's transportation network offers access to every corner of the island, either by bus, MRT (Singapore's underground rail network), taxis, rented cars and motorbikes or even by foot.

Public buses operate from 6 in the morning to midnight everyday and fares are a little cheaper than the MRT, and far more comprehensive. There are also several bus routes especially useful to sightseers. Singapore has two main bus companies plying its roads - the Trans-Island Bus Services and the Singapore Bus Service. Most fares depend on distance travelled and range from 50c to S$1.10 for non-air conditioned buses, and 60c to S$1.40 for air-conditioned comfort.

There are buses charging a flat rate to the destinations displayed on the destination plates in front of the bus. A useful tip for travellers is to avoid rush hour traffic between 8 to 9 in the morning, and 5 to 7 in the evening. Singapore at anytime outside these hours still remains a pleasure to roam about in.

Where To Stay: Hotels are plentiful in Singapore and many are world-class, you’ll have to kick yourself if you can’t find any around. However, I don’t think they have any really low cost dorms or rooms for backpackers. Hotels in Singapore may cost a bit more, but the service offered is very good. In Orchard Road, a great place to stay is The Four Seasons Hotel. The rooms are spacious with tasteful artwork. I think there is like an attendant for each guest.

Where To Eat: Singapore is where you need to be if food and flavor have a special place in your heart: few spots on earth offer the variety of culinary temptations that can be found in the Lion City. Chinese, Malay, Indian, or European - the huge range of choices are made even more appealing by the fact that eating in Singapore can be extremely inexpensive.

The Moomba. Upper Circular Road, serves great Australian food. Michelangelos and Sistina. Authentic Italian food at Holland Village What To See:Wild breakfast at Singapore Zoo. Fancy breakfast with one of the Singapore Zoo's famed animals? This coach tour will give you the experience in a new concept in animal keeping with the zoo's beautifully landscaped gardens and very few cages and of course you will enjoy a 'Wild Breakfast' with the friendly 10 metre python, the Orang Utan and a small-clawed otter Thian Hock Keng Temple in China town.

Where To Shop:Singapore’s main shopping district is at Orchard Road. You can find almost anything you can imagine in the shopping centers here. There is this place called The Forum; which has the biggest Toys ‘R Us in Singapore, kids love it. Electronic goods are sold at duty-free prices in Singapore, and there are many great deals around. Many items are available immediately from their global launch in Japan or Europe.

Best places to shop for electronics in Singapore are at Sim Lim Square, Lucky Plaza and Far East Plaza. You can find everything from digital cameras, DV camcorders, DVDs, cell phones and even GPS equipment. Techie types are really spoilt for choice here.

Entertainment: The hip and trendy like to hang out at Zouk and Velvet Undeground. The two clubs are easily the best clubs in the island. Thos who appreciate classical music would want to check out The Singapore Cultural Theatre and the Victoria Hall.

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