Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Paid to Read Email Online

Hi all,

Something to share.

I am not selling anything here. None of your account or credit card number will be asked.

So no worries. as there are no EXCLAIMATION MARKS, or COUNTDOWN timer to make you click that PAY button. There are no BIG words that will try to catch your attention.

I am just interested in telling you that now there is a way to earn something extra cash by reading email (sounds too good?). And there is no fees attached. I do mean NO fee.

Email will be sent according to your interests which will be asked during the registration. So expect no spam. If there is any email you find uninteresting, please go ahead and make changes to the preferences after you have registrated. And that is.

And such service is not limited to locals but it applies GLOBALLY. Your overseas friends or family- anyone so long they have internet access.

This is NOT a quick to get rich scheme. Be patient. Although the money earned is not very impressive that can allow you to leave your job or studies, perhaps it might be a good start for people who really wants to strive hard on this field.

Well certainly nothing is free on world. Initially the amount earned can be peanuts for an email or just enough for a meal in the month. But the key element is that you can form downline up to fifth level who can be get paid as they read email and you can earn commission from them as well without hurting the downline's income. So in the end everyone benefits.

And you might be wondering who are paying us? Basically they are the advertising companies and Internet is one of the best or should I say the Best method to publish their services, ebooks. You name it, they have it. In the end these advertising companies are coming out big money to be known. Internet is a 24/7 running medium unlike the TV commercials, radio or newspaper which have limited exposure.

Payment can be done through Cheque ($1 adminstration charge) or Paypal which is free to apply.

Meanwhile I am working hard on it just as hard as everyone does, not to make ends meet but to try venturing into this field and hopefully I can gain useful knowledge from it.

One last thing to add there is no limit of number of downlines you can have. And imagine the amount earned if you have a huge base.

Well that's all from me.

To Everyone Success

Regards, yl
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